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Niklas A. Chroust



Summer Nights

2021, Opus 21

Flute, Clarinet in Bb, Piano

The summer nights describe two scenes from a mild, as the title suggests, summer night in Arles. People are on the street, laughing, drinking, dancing solemnly and enjoying the local street cafes.

Zur Abenddämmerung

At Dusk

The story behind the two pieces basically relates to the space. In the first piece, strolling through the streets, where someone is playing the trumpet and where someone else is making their way home.

Zu später Stunde

Late at Night

The second scene describes the experience in a night café. This image should convey a relaxed atmosphere next to a billiard table, where wine or other spirits are consumed.

Sternbilder - Astra

Constellations - Astra

2021, Opus 20


The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has recognized 88 zodiac signs since 1922. In scientific contexts, some factors are given for a named constellation, in this case only the English and Latin nominative are mentioned (if the names are congruent, it is only written once). There are also small explanations of the background to the names.

Opus 20 contains only 8 of 88 zodiac signs, whereby these are again related in two independent Greek mythologies. The corvus, the crater and the hydra are thematically related, as are Cassiopeia and four other unpublished constellations.

Rabe - Corvus


In Greek mythology, the raven is said to have been prevented from fetching water for Apollo.

Becher - Crater


The raven should have brought water for Apollo in the crater.

Wasserschlange - Hydra


The water snake prevented the raven from fetching water for Apollo with a cup.

Kassiopeia - Cassiopeia

Cassiopeia was the wife of Cepheus in Greek mythology and was of an extremely beautiful figure. She claimed to be more beautiful than the Nereids and so drew the wrath of Poseidon.

Fünf kleine Momente

Five Little Moments

2020, Opus 19

Alto Saxophone, Piano

The cycle “Five Little Moments” describes five little, almost insignificant scenes that can easily be forgotten.

At the moment only the “First Little Moment” has been published.

Erster kleine Moment

First Little Moment

The first moment describes a very light drizzle over a city. The mood is quite gloomy, but sometimes the sun shines through.

Fünf Terzinen für Schwärmer

Five Terzines for Swarmers

2021, Opus 17

Flute, Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Horn in F, Bassoon

The night is a place of reverie. Some people find their most exciting thoughts in their sleep, others deal with a seemingly simple everyday situation. But there is more to sleep than a world of dreams. A world opens up to beings who do not exist in the real world. Unreal situations happen and pass. However, to plunge into the depths of the night it takes more than a moment or a moment of reverie. It takes a certain amount of time to get involved in the situation, and the daydreaming affects the active consciousness well into the morning.

The cycle follows the literary form terzine. The first movement consists of parts A-B-A, the second from B-C-B, the third from C-D-C, the fourth from D-E-D and the last from E-A-E-A.

Das Schiff am Meer

The Ship by the Sea

The ship by the sea that has already plunged far into the Atlantic. It is very active on the ship, just like in the city, and a lot of people consume luxury goods such as casinos or expensive restaurants, it feels less like a ship, more like a small town with lots of personalities. It seems like everyone has known everyone their whole life. Rarely, but sometimes you can feel a bigger wave breaking through the ship.

The waves outside are typical and correspond to many imaginations, not moving wild, beautiful but not at ease, high but not scary.



Winter Quartet

2019, Opus 13

Violin, Violin, Viola, Violoncello

The Winter Quartet describes a typical winter landscape, consisting of various elements such as icicles, a fir tree, a skiing landscape, etc. The sum of all these elements is what makes up the composition of the Winter Quartet, or rather what I as the composer associate with the term “winter”. But it’s also important to me that each single winter element has a story of its own, which I have tried to highlight and to incorporate into the overall context.

Shape the Future Waltz

2019, Opus 11

Violin, Violoncello, Piano

With this piece I set the child right “right of each child to education and training to promote its talents”. I personally think that this right is of particular importance, because I believe that each child has hidden talents that need to be discovered.


2018, Opus 8.17

Violin, Piano

“Atlantic” is the 17th piece of the story WHITE that I am telling by musical means. In this part of the story the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean changes the life of the main character. The story is set at a time when this crossing was dangerous. In the whole story the piano represents the protagonist, while the other instruments represent external circumstances, as does the violin in this piece as the more dominant voice. In the story, the protagonist wants to fetch his family from Brazil and bring them to France. During the long journey he thinks a great deal about how his huge family will fare in a small French village. Before the crossing, he and his sister were the only colored people there and were little respected.

  1. Part A, piano and violin: The protagonist has reached his mental and physical limit, but still he manages to pull himself together time and again. The violin reflects the changing swell of the waves, at times big, small, light or heavy.
  2. Part B, piano: The protagonist becomes even more aware of the current and future situation in France and Brazil, and his emotions overwhelm him.
  3. Part A’, piano and violin: The emotional situation calms down again, but the swell of the waves is higher than ever, as the violin tells us, rising by an octave. What the crossing will result in remains open to the listener, and each one is left to interpret for her- or himself. We only know for sure that the passage succeeds.

7. Jänner

January 7th

2018, Opus 4

Four-handed piano

On January 7, 2018, my brother went abroad for six months. The piece for four hands describes my feelings and deals a little with the farewell for a long time.